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I am an online website and social media optimization specialist, With many years as a website designer I have learned many ways to optimize a website for higher search engine ranking. As I grew this knowledge I also learned the in's and out's of linking social media account platforms to websites for social media funneling. Which means I studied can optimize you business website and social media accounts to funnel clients and customers to your business front door. I have had 10 plus years of deep research and studying of online marketing and funneling. Which allows my clients to hire me to analysis and repair website and social media account issues. This allows my clients to have their free time to focus on the more important things.

What can I do for you?

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design Service’s

  • S.E.O. Optimization Service’s

  • Social Media Optimization and branding Service’s

I can help you get your site in front of those that are searching for your brand, product or service’s. If you are not being seen then you are not making sales. I can work with your site to implement tactics in the back end of your already working site and help jump your analytics to new goal markers

My technology skills are vast and a lot to cover. I started with learning html web design as a freshmen in high school. Next I went out of the box through out the years to entrepreneurship. I have spent 10 years learning about online and affiliate marketing, Search engine optimization and new website design tactics and skills. I have found all of the information I have been very fortunate to come across to be very useful and I even have excelled at implementing these strategies for others.

Into my twenties I found my self working regular jobs. Never really feeling fully happy. I struggled on through life wanting that feeling of being able to breath and not feel over whelmed with the wait of the world on my shoulders. I have worked and personally study these fields of online marketing and business.

  • Branding

  • S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

  • social media management and setup

  • advertising technics

  • network marketing

  • website design and debugging

  • scripting and configurations

  • network setup and administration

I am today working to help others find solutions to overlooked problems and helping them to correct them so their business can run effectivity.

I hope to be speaking with you soon.

Jeremy A. Henry


Here is what my clients say.....

Here is the list of services I provide:

Graphic Design

I can edit and design logo's and graphic arts for video use, profile pictures, business logo's and book covers. I have had twenty plus years of and on in experience of graphic design. I attended a vocational school and enrolled in a graphic design and printing class. Which I found I liked and had a knack for since I already showed potential in my drawing abilities.

See some current designs here!

Price: $50 - $250

Analysis Reports

In Reports will be displayed all finds of social media accounts and website links testing to see what's working and what's not. Search engine findings of main site keyword. Usually i use the domain name. This report will give a clear understanding of the efficiency of your website and social media linking structure.

Price: $250

Website Design Service's

Debugging, creating and editing designs.

it's all or nothing when it come's to the needs of your business. If you need your site created, debugged or edited. I can do that lets see what I can help you with.


Creation: $250 - $500

Debugging and Editing: $50/hr (1 hour min)

Website & Social Media Optimization Service’s

Fixing the in’s and out’s that connect you to your customers.

Does all of your social media profiles brand you correctly? Do the links work? I can provide a full report of all finds of each social media account and provide my time to do corrects in my finds.

What's Included:

  1. Full data website and social media findings report

  2. My services to correct error's in findings

  3. Website corrections and link adjusting

  4. Search engine optimization of site. ( Keywords, Description, and more...)

Price: $700

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