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Hi all in my journey around the country i have found some great and amazing places and views. Along the way I have been attending events and so much other great things around the country. I have been wanting to get into volunteering so some time now but never knew the right one that i felt was a good fit for my self and what i stand for.

Now that I am traveling around the country I can literally through that out the window and start building the list of all the cool things I am wanting to volunteer at.

1. November 2018 - Van Build "Parker Arizona"

2. January 2019 - RTR "Quartzsite  Arizona"

and more as they come along

If you have a opportunity for volunteer work and would like to have me join you please feel free to contact me with all the info including but not limited to: Name of event, place of event, dates and times, what type of volunteers are you looking for.

contact me to get me involved with your event or charity.

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