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Hi all! In my journey around the country, I have found some great and amazing places. Along the way, I have been attending events and meeting new people. I have been wanting to get into volunteering for some time now but never knew which one would be a good fit for myself and what I stand for.

Now that I am traveling around the country, I can literally through that out the window and start building the list of all the cool things I am wanting to volunteer at.

1. November 2018 - Van Build "Parker Arizona"

2. January 2019 - RTR "Quartzsite  Arizona"

and more as they come along

If you have an opportunity for volunteer work and would like to have me join you, please feel free to contact me with all the info including but not limited to: Name of event, place of event, dates and times and what types of volunteers are you looking for.

contact me to get me involved with your event or charity.

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