Hello potential sponsors,

I really want to say thank you for considering me for sponsorship of your product or service. First and foremost, I am a nomad. I travel around the country, camping out of my minivan. Currently some of the things I use are camping and hiking gear, solar equipment, power packs, and electronics. I am possibly looking to get into biking, kayaking and other outdoors sports and activities.

Currently, I'm looking to get some basic camping gear such as a shower tent, a hiking backpack, a 12v refrigerator and so on. I am also looking to upgrade to a bigger rig but not sure what yet.

I also would like to have sponsors in things I use on a daily basis. Such as but not limited to:

  1. Butane fuel and propane
  2. Cleaning supplies
  3. Food supplies and storage
  4. Toiletries
  5. Any vehicle upkeep - oil, gas, brakes, suspension upkeep, spark plugs and wires, ( General stuff. )
  6. Anything to do with traveling and sightseeing like bikes, e-bikes.
  7. Solar and alternative energy equipment.
  8. Camping Gear
  9. Hiking Gear
10. Biking Gear
11. Cameras, Stands, microphones, laptops and other electronics.

Some sponsorship products and services will have ad space on my current vehicle and placement mentions on my YouTube channel.

I will be placing my own ad's on my vehicle and would like to have "YOUR'S WITH IT!"

"Please note I will not do product promotions if you only offer me a discount on the product and not give a special price promo for my viewer's. "

If you feel you have a product or service that would be a great fit for sponsorship with me, please feel free to contact me with your product or service information so we can set up a great partnership that will help you grow your product or service sales.

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