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My name Is Jeremy Henry. I was Born and raised in Michigan. I become a full time nomad in 2017 and I am currently traveling and camping here in the U.S. My plan is to share my adventures with you through my YouTube channel and my blog posts. I hope you will come along and enjoy it as much as I do. I am hoping to show you that there is more to life than what you might think. There is always a possibilities to enhance your life no matter where you came from, or what you've been through. There is so much more out there and we need to stay away from all the negativity in this world as much as possible.

This is what I started this trip with while walking. in early 2017.

My slice of nomad life. Part 1

Then watch part 2 if you enjoyed part 1.

My slice of nomad life. Part 2

So if you liked these video's please feel free to check out my vlog and see the rest of them or you can go to my "Wandering Wildman" YouTube channel and watch there. I leave the choice up to you.

Quote's from the matrix.


"I can only show you the door. You Must walk through it."

"There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."

I have drifted, hitch hiked and otherwise roamed the U.S. off and on since 1998. I choose a path that most do not attempt to follow. I have had many hard times and good times along the way, but when push came to shove, I came through somehow. So this path has been rough, hilly and even dangerous at times. I do not regret the choices I have made in my life. They are what has made me the person I am today and I am very grateful for the experience and many life lessons I have learned along the way. I believe when things happen, it is the universe testing you to see if you can come through, and how you are able to handle the outcome, and what you will do about it going forward.

On Jan 17th 2015, I became an ordained minister to see where it could lead me with the path I have chosen for myself. I also have these titles that I can lay claim to:

1. Entrepreneur & Personal Computer Programmer - Website and social media seo optimization manager

3. Ordained Minister - Mullti Religion

4.. Artist, Poet, Amazon Author

Here is a list of my current and past Volunteer services

I am a firm supporter of peace and a healthy, happy planet. I feel I have a sense of beauty, love of life, simplicity, intelligence, humility, ambition, tenaciousness, loyalty, energy, a warm heart.

I should also mention Luck, since luck smiles down on me naturally. So in this life, I have developed these main traits that make up my psychological profile and particularities of my character that are completely exceptional when looked at as a whole.

Taken separately these traits might seem ordinary but in my case their combined effect explains much of the meaning of my life and the path I follow to achieve my dreams of happiness and success..

Well, that's me if you want to know more feel free to drop me a line. I always enjoy meeting new people, of all walks of life, from around the globe...

See the link below to learn more about us co-creating a great future together.

I truly look forward to discussing more with you.

in Gratitude

Jeremy A. Henry

Wandering Wildman