Saturday, June 8, 2019

Two Guns and the Apache Death Cave

Situated between Flagstaff and Winslow at exit 230 there is a small abandoned town called Two Guns. Here you will find some old crumbling buildings. What's left of the gas station and campground have been covered in graffiti.  

 The stone buildings were once part of different trading posts, gift shops and even a zoo!

The Outhouse!

 The bridge was built in 1915 over Canyon Diablo and was originally part of the National Old Trails Highway. It eventually became part of Route 66 and is listed in the National Historic places registry. 

Entrance to the cave is under this small foot bridge beside the building with the red door.

The cave is under the bridge!

 The cave is a series of natural caverns where Apache indians would hide until the Navajo found it and set a fire at the entrance killing 42 that were inside.

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